Notes from underground (Hallowe’en pre-election version)

Last year on Hallowe’en , right before my last day at Microsoft, I wrote

Hallowe’en’s always been one of our favorite holidays, and of course our hood is one of the best places to celebrate it.  We’re both in a fairly low-key mood tonight, so rather than trick-or-treating, we’ll have a nice relaxing dinner, perhaps a glass of champagne and a bottle of wine (Chateauneuf de Pape probably suits our mood better than Adastra) … and no doubt a scrumptious dessert.

This year, after a summer of fighting for civil liberties and a new rebirth of freedom, it’s the homestretch — and I’m right in the middle of it, with Voter Suppression Wiki and Twitter Vote Report.  Jeff Santos had me on 1510 the Zone (a Boston sports radio station doing a week-long special election series) to talk about voter suppression today, and introduced me as a patriot — and not in the corrupted neocon sense of the word either.  (I mentioned 866-OUR-VOTE and 888-YE-Y-VOTA and at least a half dozen times, and AALDEF as well.)  Fox News did a fair and balanced piece on TVR today; Voter Suppression Wiki will be able to get the word to CNN on election day if we need to, and Brad Friedman’s will be checking in with us.  I feel really lucky to be working with such incredible people and organizations — the Voter Suppression Wiki and everybody else at the intersection of the grassroots election protection and citizen journalism movements…. and I wonder if the rest of the world looks at the 8-hour-long lines in Georgia as a parallel to the first post-apartheid election in South Africa?

Who knows what Tuesday will bring.  Right now, it’s infintite possibilities … and the sense that a change is coming.

And after dinner once again at Ma Tante Sumi (Chateauneuf du Pape again),’s Phantasmagoria 8 is tonight — Hallowe’en and psytrance in San Francisco, hanging out with the woman I love most of all on a special night.

What a difference a year makes.