Get FISA Right: Proposed 2009 communication channels

In response to the consistent feedback that we need to simplify our communications mechanisms, there’s a proposal up on the wiki.  A summary:

  • to stay informed:
    • check the website/blog at
    • OR get action alerts and daily(ish) newsletters on any one of the channels listed in the “Broadcasts” section below (email, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • for discussions: use the discussion forum on the wiki — anonymous participation okay (until we get overrun by trolls)
  • for more active organizing and collaboration: join the wiki

More details on the wiki page.

The big changes from our current structure:

  1. start a blog on
  2. introduce daily(ish) newsletters available via email, RSS, twitter, Facebook, etc.
  3. move discussions to the wiki (instead of the message board and Google Group)

Feedback, please!


PS: An overview of how this compares and contrasts with GFR’s earlier organizations, and other social network/wiki activism campaigns including Join the Impact and Twitter Vote Report, is available here.