Take action: Demand justice in the killing of Oscar Grant

From Color of Change’s site:

On New Year’s Eve, Oscar Grant was shot execution-style by a transit police officer in Oakland, California. He was shot in the back while face-down on a subway platform, unarmed and posing no threat.

Twelve days later–despite several videos showing what happened–the officer who killed Grant hasn’t been arrested, charged, or even questioned. He quit the force and has refused to speak. The District Attorney has done nothing.

It’s time to demand that California Attorney General Jerry Brown take over the case and arrest Grant’s killer, and to ask that the US Department of Justice launch an independent investigation into the conduct of local authorities. Please join us:


Oscar Grant is the third man murdered by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) police in the past 17 years. All three victims were Black and none posed a serious threat. In each case, BART and county authorities have failed to hold the officers accountable.

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Here’s what I said in the space for a personal statement:

As a former Californian who still spends time in the Bay Area, I’m appalled at this situation.  If “BARTing while black” joins “driving while black” in being treated as a crime, punishable with tasing or death, how can we build a society of equality?  It is crucial to act quickly to restore our faith in the justice system.

Thanks to Eddie Griffin for forwarding.  Jill Tubman has more on Jack and Jill Politics.  On Join the Impact, Willow has several more things you can do as well.