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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Facebook adds new privacy controls, “friends-of-friends” features, chat

Facebook logoRobert McMillan reports in PC World:

Facebook plans to roll out new privacy features on Wednesday that will give users more control over who sees the data stored on their profile pages.

The new privacy controls will allow users to choose which of their friends can see information such as their photo albums, mobile phone number or e-mail address. Facebook users will also be able to share information about themselves with a wider group of people, thanks to a new “friends-of-friends” feature that is also expected to be available on Wednesday.

The Facebook privacy page has more information, including that you can now use “friend lists” to control  who gets to see what — a pain to set up and keep up-to-date, but potentially useful

Facebook’s Beacon fiasco from last fall provides a backdrop:


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