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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Unapologetic Mexican heads to MTV!

Nezua Limón Xolagrafik-Jonez, aka The Unapologetic Mexican, is a deservedly well-respected anti-racist blogger. His Glosario and later brief definition of terms reflect somebody who’s thought really deeply about both the issues and how to articulate them (see The White Lens for an example of his excellent and well-presented analysis). Over time, he’s gotten increasingly sophisticated graphically, for example in this recent The Story of Roderick Gamble and Silk Littlejohn and Clinton Camp woos Imus for ’08 Ticket — great bumper sticker!

A few months ago he posted that he was auditioning for an MTV call for vloggers; and lo and behold, he got selected as the 2008 Street Team representative for Oregon. As he says in his 2008: transition post, the move from a standalone text/graphical blogger to a network-affiliated video blogger will lead to changes:

I’ll be heavily engaging a citizen journalist/filmmaker role in this coming year. In addition to this vlogger gig that will be taking up most of my time (cuz baby, if ya gonna do it, do it right), I may be co-writing a column in a Mexican newspaper….

The posts that once gave (and occasionally still do give) this blog such a distinctive feel—daily posts for a while that took about eight to ten hours each (or at least for the first post of the day), as well as a regular offering of grafiks that take a fair amount of time all on their own—will at least for the time being, be absent. (In fact, you don’t need me to point out that they’ve been fading more and more since last summer, when I began to get more business in the world o’ grafikal illusion-making).

While those posts will of course be missed, he’s still blogging (and also on his non-political House of Nezua blog) — and helping other bloggers. What’s really exciting is that with this move his perspective and talent will now be on a much larger mainstream stage.

Go Nezua!

And great job by Natasha Smart for picking this up in her Reading List on MyDD, one of the hubs of the progressive blogosphere.

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