Notes from underground: Electro-convulsive therapy (Mad Maxx and Space Tribe at’s Phantasmagoria)

PhantasmagoriaOlli Wisdom was good, Mad Maxx was better, and Saturnia, Witchdokta, Michael Liu, Sausee and of course Spook all rocked. It wasn’t real crowded so the density on the dancefloor was perfect all night long. My glow-in-the-dark nails got rave reviews and my brand new pink Golas proved quite comfortable for dancing. Yay!

The first time we saw Olli was at the DNA Lounge in January 2004 and I’ve probably listened to that set 100 times since then. Last August’s Five years later reflects on my path since then … a lot’s happened in the last fifteen months and now my world is Tales from the Net and diversity and innovation, all a natural evolution of what I learned and experienced back then and the goddesses I’ve been hanging with ever since.

A conversation on Facebook reminded me of another psytrance party in 2004, Halloween weekend at Somarts, and the Dia de los Muertos exhibit there. When I went back and read my journal, I remembered that we had gone out three times that weekend: (((thump))) at Barnevald, Somarts, and then dinner at Ma Tante Sumi and hangin’ in the hood. Those were the days….

In the car on the way to the party we were talking about how we miss Barnevald in particular: the chill room upstairs, the places to perch and watch, the energy from the huge dance floor. I love the underground feel of the parties at Gingerbread House too, but it’s not the same. Ah well. It was still a great night, filled with good dancers and happy people, and great music. I heart psytrance.

It’s been a while since I’ve checked back against my annual goals, aka new year’s resolutions: better work-life balance, more art/beauty/fun/seduction, and more time and energy with the people I care about. On the whole I think I’m doing pretty well. I’ve made it to LA to see my brother and his family a couple of times, work and life have stayed balanced since CFP ended, and NaNoWriMo is about to introduce a lot more art, fun and (hopefully) beauty for 30 madcap days.

Of course there’s always room for improvement. I had lunch with a friend last week who I hadn’t seen in months … we were shocked it had been that long. It happens easily enough, with other friends too, and who knows maybe it’s inevitable: we’re all busy and travel a lot and logistics are complicated. Still, there are probably opportunities to do better here. How to spend more time with goddesses?

And if that’s the biggest problem in my life these days, things must be pretty good 🙂