Jon Pincus’ blog, covering a variety of topics:

  • professional: strategy, security and software engineering (especially static analysis), diversity, culture change
  • political: activism via social networks, cognitive diversity and “wisdom of crowds” effects, intersectionality, radical feminism, strategy
  • personal: me, my life, my family and friends, poetry, psytrance, …

I also blog on Tales from the Net, Pam’s House Blend, and Oxdown Gazette, and have profiles on Facebook, free-association, and tribe.  My professional bio is here, and I’m contactable by email at jon {at} achangeiscoming.net.

All original content on this blog is under a Creative Commons attribution (“by”) license: share and remix, with attribution.  Please attribute it to Jon Pincus and Liminal States if space permits, otherwise just my name is fine.