Notes from Underground: Equinox+One and Solitude

Tonight at the Atrium -- Equinox+One

rainbow matrixSummer ended quickly in Seattle this year. One day it was sunny and 80 degrees; the next it was cloudy and 60. DJ Anomaly’s Thursday night Equinox+One marked the official start of fall with a great set — and some familiar faces. “Hey, I remember seeing you years ago at Infected Mushroom and Astral Projection at Premiere … what’s new?” Good times!

D was out of town over the weekend, so after a long day of work on Saturday, instead of going out I decided to stay home, put on a DJ Anomaly mix, and enjoy the solitude.   At first I was thinking it would be a night filled with introspection, checking out old journals and photos and blog posts and reflecting on what’s happened and where I’m going next.

But as I listened to the music, my mind wound up turning off …

So instead I just enjoyed myself.

I heart psytrance.

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To friends old and new …

It’s been a beautiful and relaxing week in San Francisco.  We had a great time at Death Guild’s 17th Anniversary, and things are going great with Qworky.  Tonight, on the first night of spring, our friends at Kismet World Wide are having a launch party for their iPhone app WasteNot tonight, and later on perhaps there will be (properly-permitted) dancing and adventure.

Walking in Buena Vista park earlier this weekend, looking out over the city, I was thinking about how lucky I was to be here and share my life with so many great people.  The next thing I knew, I was writing a haiku on my iPhone.  After a bit more tweaking, here it is …

Relaxing spring sun,
Enjoying sweet memories
Of friends old and new

Life is good 🙂


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Hope 1, Fear 0: YES WE DID!

From Eluminatus:

A change is coming

Why be shrunk by fear when you can choose hope?
Why be manipulated by hate when you can choose desire?
Why settle for singularity when you can have multiplicity?

Control is an illusion and influence is possible.
Look for meta-level solutions.
Avoid false dualities.
Change is performative.

Worship the anomaly.

(March 2004 – October 2007)

social sciences

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Why vote?

Why Vote?
a Fib, by
Gregory K.

Folks fight
For this right.
It’s not just a word:
Vote! It’s how you make your voice heard.

Originally published on Gottabook


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Poetry Friday: A web 2.0 poem

In addition to being a co-author on Tales from the Net, my brother Gregory K’s also a poet — best known for Fibs, fibonacci poetry, which wound up getting him a book deal after being featured on Slashdot.

In his latest, for this week’s poetry Friday, worlds collide:

(a Web 2.0 poem)
Gregory K.

I’m pretty well connected:
Facebook’s got my face.
I AIM and blog.
Of course I vlog.
Come see me at MySpace.

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social computing

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Poetry friday!

Kelly Herrold has her weekly Poetry Friday post up on Big A little A , with tons of good links and more in the comments. My brother Gregory K’s posted (with permission of course) an original J. Patrick Lewis poem, A Sixth Grader Sees the Future … for those who don’t know the kids poetry world, this is a Big Deal.

Here’s a haiku I wrote about a month ago, and had previously posted in the Original Poetry thread at Seducersworld.

cool windy spring sun.
thoughts of you: two walks, two states.
cool calming spring clouds.


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Oddaptation: Horton Hears a Who

My brother, aka Gregory K of Gottabook (best known for his Fibs) also does Oddaptations, which he describes as “Cliff’s Notes/Spark notes of picture books… but with some attitude (and rhyme) thrown in.” Here’s the start of his latest, which I’d describe as something of a Seussian mashup:

by Dr. Seuss
Oddaptation by Gregory K.

Every Who down in Who-ville liked Horton a lot,
But a sour kangaroo and some monkeys did NOT!
They all hated Horton, who claimed there were houses
And Whos on some dust that was too small for mouses.

More on Gottabook, including the ending one reviewer described as “genius”.

Go, bro!



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A poem by my brother. A few years ago, when I launched my web site on new years day, I asked him for permission to post it to start things off on a good note. It worked well then … why change a winning recipe?

Gregory K. Pincus

Every year on New Year’s Day,
I grab myself a pen.
I write my resolutions down to look at now and then.

Two years ago, I’d written twelve.
I broke them all by June.
Last year I broke them faster still (the first of March at noon).

This isn’t great, I must admit,
But now I’ve got it solved.
And so, this year, on New Year’s Day, here’s what I have resolved:

Bug my dad, annoy my sis,
Distract my oldest brother.
Skip a chore, create a mess, and once ignore my mother,

Chew some gum, devour pie,
Eat burgers, fries, and cakes,
Teach my baby brother all the joys of chocolate shakes.

My resolutions could go on.
Instead, I’ll stop right here.
Just once I’d like to keep them all…
And this might be my year.



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Thinking of you (New Year’s Eve)

Thinking of you

Thoughts emerging from dreams,
In my mind as I wake:
Full of warmth and desire,
Bliss beginning the day.


Thoughts weaving together,
Through the whole afternoon:
Sun, chocolate, your smile,
Love … and feeling alive.


Thoughts of art and beauty,
In my mind late at night:
Dreams and visions of you.


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