see, they really *are* game-changing

Run ads for $10Today Blue America, with our partners at SaysMe.TV, is launching a new application that can make everyone a political media consultant– or, better yet, a replacement for a political media consultant.

— Howie Klein, Firedoglake, announcing availability of ads for Darcy Burner, Annette Tadeo, Larry Kissell, and other netroots fave Congressional candidates, the LA-based startup that lets individuals run their own cable ads, is firing on all cylinders these days.  As well as the Blue America partnership, there’s also the Wow of Now pro-Obama site, and the  Women Against McCain Palin campaign, announced here on Oxdown ten days ago, running some hard-hitting ads with rape victims speaking out on Sarah Palin’s views.  Go!

Get FISA Right was an early adopter for, starting with the Don’t let our Constitution die ad right after the July vote, and following with the more partisan John McCain would do the same, aired on Fox News in St. Paul during the Republican convention.*

From the beginning, though, it’s been clear that Congressional races are a sweet spot as well, and so it’s great to see people following up on that.  Focusing the resources of netroots supporters across the country on cable advertising in local races is a great way of countering the funding advantage of incumbents — without interfering with all the other campaigning going on.

And as for the Women Against McCain Palin ads, well, these are the kinds of ads that I wish the Obama campaign was airing.  Yeah, I understand all the reasons why they’re not … so I guess it’s up to us!

For more about, check out the excellent Interviews 50 cents: Voters are like snowflakes with CEO Lisa Eisenpresser:

* Sarah Lai Stirland’s Opposed to Wiretap Amensty? Run a TV Ad for Six Bucks on Wired’s Threat Level, Ryan Kaffuman’s Frustrated with TV Ads?  Run your own for $6, Julian Sanchez’ Get FISA Right turns crowdsourced guns on McCain on Ars Technica, and my own Get FISA Right gets partisan / On the Air in St. Paul combo have more