Top 15 Privacy Panels for SXSW — Don’t Delay! Vote Today! (UPDATED — deadline tomorrow!)

SXSW,March 9-18 2012We’re heading into the last few days of public voting for SXSW 2012 proposals. Votes and comments count for about 30% of the decision-making process, and so advocating for the panels you want to see is important.  The deadline is Friday, September 2.   So please vote, comment, and share this link with your friends!

There are quite a few interesting panels on privacy.  Here’s a selective list.  To start with, a few on pseudonymity — ripped from today’s nymwars headlines!

There’s another nymwars panel that doesn’t make my short list: Identity on the Web: Are Handles Dead? by two people from Google.   Unsurprisingly, most of the comments it’s getting so far are negative.

In addition to Deborah’s and my contribution, there are also several other panels involving regulars from the Twitter privacy chat:

And rounding out the top 12 …

There are plenty of other panels on privacy — and of course there are other great topics too; see EFF’s and Liz Henry‘s lists for more.  The deadline’s Friday, but why wait?

Don’t delay!  Vote today!


Originally published August 30; updated September 1 with a few additional panels