“President Obama, please get FISA right” approved by Comcast

Get FISA Right’s cable TV ad for the inauguration has been approved by Comcast — almost two weeks sooner than we had estimated!  So now it’s time for grassroots fundraising to put it on the air – in Washington DC, and potentially all around the country.

The ad addresses President Obama directly, congratulating him on his victory and letting him know that we want to work with him to restore the Constitution and the rule of law.  The ad’s also for a couple of other audiences: our 23,000 members, most of whom we’ve lost touch with; and the media and politicians in Washington DC.  The underlying message is the same: this issue isn’t going away, and neither are we.

We’re once again going to be working with SaysMe.tv to let people donate money to put the ad on the air — link coming soon.   A total of $803 is enough to air the ad once each on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and the Comedy Channel in DC.  After that, we’ll continue to advertise in DC, and also move to local markets around the country to remind local politicians and media that this is going to be a hot issue in 2009.  So we’ll be asking people to chip in what you can to help get the ad on the air!

And just as importantly, please help promote the ad: share the video with your friends online, mention it on Twitter or Facebook, blog about it, and so on.  If your holiday gathering turns to politics, bring up the video and discuss with relatives — even if nobody chips in any money, you’ll raise awareness.  More suggestions here … and if you’ve got ideas, please share them!


PS: If you’d like to know more about the issue, please see my Turning the page on FISA on change.org’s Criminal Justice blog.  There’s a brief history of Get FISA Right in our Strategy Backgrounder.  If you’d like to get involved, please join in one of the discussions on our wiki.