Notes from Underground: Equinox+One and Solitude

Tonight at the Atrium -- Equinox+One

rainbow matrixSummer ended quickly in Seattle this year. One day it was sunny and 80 degrees; the next it was cloudy and 60. DJ Anomaly’s Thursday night Equinox+One marked the official start of fall with a great set — and some familiar faces. “Hey, I remember seeing you years ago at Infected Mushroom and Astral Projection at Premiere … what’s new?” Good times!

D was out of town over the weekend, so after a long day of work on Saturday, instead of going out I decided to stay home, put on a DJ Anomaly mix, and enjoy the solitude.   At first I was thinking it would be a night filled with introspection, checking out old journals and photos and blog posts and reflecting on what’s happened and where I’m going next.

But as I listened to the music, my mind wound up turning off …

So instead I just enjoyed myself.

I heart psytrance.


Solitude (2011 remix)

Sacred space.
Seduction. Goddesses

I look at the candlesand experience you
In the air … on my skin …
In my mind …
Throughout my being.

I remember (or imagine) other seductive times with you,
Grounded and sacred,
By candlelight
And other magic illumination.

I remember (or imagine)
Every moment we’ve spent together,
And all the moments I’ve remembered,
Imagined, anticipated, and fantasized about.

And then I realize
I’m thinking too much
And watch the candles
And experience you.