Notes from underground: Beat University @ Supperclub

From Pyramind’s announcement:

Beat University is a non-profit partnership between San Francisco institutions Pyramind, LoveFest and Supperclub to raise money for the only dedicated electronic music scholarship fund in the entire U.S. The quarterly series of electro, house, and trance parties at top dance venue Supperclub will donate all of its proceeds to help up-and-coming electronic music producers fund their education at Pyramind, the city’s leading digital audio and music production training facility.

Supperclub’s a great venue, and the DJs didn’t disappoint.  In the main room, Digital Paradigm had the floor packed by the time I got there at 11:30, Frost Raven followed on with a psytrance set, and Liam Shy rocked as always, with a lot of unreleased stuff.  Unsurprisingly it was a very young crowd, and interestingly almost nobody was drinking.  The vibe was happy and casual.  Good stuff!