Notes from Underground: DJ Anomaly at the party without a name

pink lava lampIt was so underground that there weren’t any flyers and it didn’t even have a Facebook group.  A tiny venue with headliners who we’ve seen at DNA Lounge and Barnevald, with DJ Anomaly opening and closing.  The music was fantastic, amazing visuals, incredible depth, great colors.  I heart psytrance.

lavender fingernails in the black lightI was in a great mood and totally had the “I’ve earned this” feeling.  The latest skirmish in the fight to restore our civil liberties worked out far better than anybody had hoped.  Twitter and blogs and CSPAN callers agree, Americans across the political spectrum hate the PATRIOT Act.   Yeah, who knows what’ll happen next: we’ve got three months to organize, and oh gee, there’s also wiretapping back doors (CALEA 2.0), the internet kill switch, COICA, domain name seizures, Wikileaks, and the TSA.  For now, though, time for some well-deserved celebration.

So we enjoyed the lava lamps and the glowsticks and the candles and the depth and the music and danced all night.

At 6 a.m., D read my cards in the atrium.

January’s reading had been a cautionary one, predicting a suboptimal final outcome of “Sensation divorced from understanding, discontent, bondage to the material.”   Soon I rethought my resolutions and goals for the year and soon it all started to flow: activism and writing and NWEN, synergies all around, wonderful things happening for me and my friends, energy aligning around qw3ries.

Unsurprisngly this reading, bathed in warm pink light with a lavender background and reflections stretching out to infinity, was a lot more positive.  And set in the context of the series of readings it highlights my progress since the irrational world of July/August 2004.

Resistance is futile.  Transform.Back then the final outcome was The Moon: intuition, unleashing psychic powers, but also deception and hidden enemies.  Now the near future involves the Hanged Man’s spiritual wisdom (“Self-surrender leads to transformation”) and The Moon in the final outcome is Reversed: “Imagination will be harnessed by practical considerations. Storms will be weathered, peace gained at a cost.”

My fears from past readings showed up again, too.  January’s Six of Cups (fear of only getting joy from the past) is now covering me with the happiness of reconnecting with childhood friends and discovering new opportunities.  And The Lovers from 2009/2010’s embarrassment of riches (“You have been offered two paths – it is time for your choice”) are also Reversed, now as my hopes.  Fair enough: I’m not afraid of choices, but I really do hope to avoid unnecessary and artificial ones and the false dualities they impose.

Back in 2004, I wrote “there is almost always a third option to ‘reject the choice’ or even ‘defer the choice’ which means there are many options.”  Back then I didn’t really have the theory or lived experience to understand what it meant or the language to express it. In January, the Hierophant Reversed (“openness to new ideas, unconventionality”) was at the heart of the matter; this time, it’s the Tower (the smashing of dualism). Looks like I’ve learned some things over the last seven years.

With qw3ries and the intersection between writing, activism, entrepreneurship, psytrance, and transformation (and in so many other ways), I’m not just rejecting choices but finding ways to synthesize and combine them.

candles and glowsticksSpeaking of which, the other blast from the past was Temperance:2009/2010’s final outcome, now in the environment.  “Working in harmony with others. What we’ve imagined will come to pass. Successful combinations will be achieved.”  Gotta like that.

The big takeaways: harnessing imagination, focusing energy, getting beyond duality and artificial sources, working together, and transformation.

Sounds like a plan to me!