w00t, w00t: just “claimed” my blog on Technorati

and in the two minutes from when I signed up until I checked the blog’s summary page, its rank went from 4,446,976 to 3,053,157 — at this rate, I should be top 10 by dinner time!

Authority = 1 for now, but no doubt once everybody starts crosslinking and adding to their Technorati faves, it’ll no doubt soar.

adding to their technorati favorites

The language they use — “claim your blog now” — is interesting. From a marketing perspective I can see that this is a great framing: they’re positioning themselves as helping me take better advantage of an asset I already have; and the analogy to frontier times and staking claims to land or mineral rights is a powerful one. There’s also a subtle implication that my ownership of the blog in some way requires their (or somebody’s) ratification or validation — and of course agreeing to their terms of service.

The interface is straightforward enough, and you get a nice tag cloud (although their index and hence the tag cloud doesn’t include any of my posts from the last three days).  Anyhow, it feels like a steep in becoming more real.  w00t.