New theme (much of the time): Goodfell3s

Update on April 12: back to Goodfell3s.

Note on December 12: the theme randomly spontaneously resets to the (blue) default. If that’s what you’re currently seeing, this post may not make a lot of sense.

Another theme from Amsterdamn, as pink as the less-than-successful Leone experiment but at first blush a lot more readable. We shall see. I’ve found the theme editor, and so will be trying to play with font sizes. Apologies in advance if things occasionally look screwy.

To install it, I had to download the .zip file to my mac, FTP it up to the hosting site, SSH over to unzip it (I guess I could have unzipped locally and FTPed to avoid this step), and then bring up the WordPress theme selector UI page. This seems like a lot more complex than it needs to be. I’d really prefer a field on the theme selector page that lets me (as administator) provide a link to the .zip file on Amsterdamn’s site, which would get rid of several steps in the process.