A note to my many Muses

Musas dançando com Apolo Baldassare Peruzzii woke up this morning thinking about Muses and realized that i should apologize for the focus of my writing over the last several months.

my writing time and energy have been going to Liminal States rather than poetry and stories, and i am still learning how to let blog posts be inspired and infused by Muses. “blog” is such an anti-seductive word … and not only that, because i was doing political blogging and wanted the layout to be as neutral and readable as possible, i changed the theme from its usual hot pink to the vanilla blue-and-white WordPress default. it’s a difficult environment.

however, i know that’s no excuse for my failure to do you justice recently, and over the next few months i will prioritize paying you more homage. even though i haven’t been writing about you, i’ve been thinking about you and how fortunate and grateful i am for your favor. i’ll try to do a better job of showing it.

as an oh-so-modest first step to get myself in the right frame of mind, i’ve reset Liminal States to the hot pink “goodfell3s” theme