Andy Sack’s 10 lessons learned (from NWEN’s Entrepreneur University)

I’ve been live-tweeting @asackofseattle’s “lessons learned” presentation from Northwest Entrepeneur Network’s Entrepeneur University.   Here they are in one easy-to-read list:

#10: it takes 5 years to create anything of value
#9: focus on your 1st market longer than you think
#8: beware of shiny object distraction
#7 avoid the rush to nowhere
#6 competition doesn’t kill (early-stage) companies; usually, it’s internal conflict — teams going in multiple directions #nwen
#5 the customer has the answer.  check out “outcome-driven innovation
#4 Two #’s: Customer acquisition cost and lifetime value.  focus on ’em; track ’em
#3: GFA (Get F’in Aggressive) “over the last 15months, i don’t know what happened, but his eyes had changed”
#2: KISS
#1: the way you’re framing it from a capital and time perspective is too limited