Notes from underground: Kinetic 4 at the Pacific Science Center

Okay, it might be stretching it a little to call it “underground” … still, Infinite Connections’ parties at the Pacific Science Center are always great fun.  Promoters Amanita and Osiris Indriya are also the guys behind Hotwired, Seattle’s psytrance monthly, and know how to create a great vibe.  The setting is amazing … Insect Trance, Dinosaur Downtempo, D&B in the Playground.  What’s not to like?

It’s such a different experience going out in Seattle than it is in San Francisco.  In SF, we usually cab; here, it’s driving — meaning hassles with parking, being careful not to drink too much, etc. etc.  In SF, we have bunches of friends who are into the darkwave and psytrance scene, so often are meeting up with people … here, well, let’s just say our friends tend to have different interests and schedules, so we’re usually on our own.   We’ve been semi-regulars at some of the SF clubs and parties for years and so always see a lot of familiar faces; in Seattle, we’re not really part of the scene, so it’s much more the two of us hanging out.  It’s all good, just in a very different way.

A quarter of the way through 2010, it’s a good time to reflect on how I’m doing on the path I described in From the Awful Oughts to a blue moon and an embarrassment of riches.   My new years resolutions included work-life balance, more art/beauty/fun/seduction, more time and energy with the goddesses I know and the other people I care about, choosing desire over fear, trusting my intuition, trying not to analyze things too much, falling through the limitations of intelligence into pure and simple creativity, and bringing inner ecstasy back into my consciousness…. quite a list!

My initial reaction: very good work on some fronts; definite room for improvement on others.  Of course everything is colored by lack of time … oh well, I’m working on it.  Given the circumstances, thanks to D and my wonderful friends I think I’m doing a surprisingly good job with work-life balance.  We’ve been out dancing a lot, went wine-tasting, I’ve been going on walks regularly ….  Like i say, pretty good given the circumstances — and definite room for improvement.

Creativity’s been a plus too.   I’ve finished two short stories (The anomaly and the tentacles and Dreams coming true), as well as several poems, and my Muses seemed pleased with my efforts.   D’s in a creative space too, and I’m helping her on one of her projects.  I also think we’re doing some very creative things with Qworky (although I’m currently suffering from writer’s block on a patent application).   I would love to do some more blogging and my guess is that over the next few months there’ll be some opportunities.  So on the whole I’m quite pleased.

Alas, one area that’s fallen short is time hanging out with goddesses.  The time we do spend together is amazing amazing amazing.  A brief Facebook chat or phone call is an oasis of bliss, an occasional hour or two in person elevates my mood for days … and it just highlights how much pleasure, beauty, fun, and inspiration they bring to my life and how much I want more of my time to be that magical.  It’s the usual challenges: everybody’s ridiculously busy, and oscillating between here and SF complicates everything.  My biggest regrets of the first part of this year are all about things I was looking forward to that wound up rescheduled.  Ah well.  Flag this one as an area for improvement  More positively though, there’s been plenty of time hanging with the anomaly — which is also amazing amazing amazing!  And plenty of choosing desire over fear as well.

So it’s a good start to 2010 and the Terrific Teens.  What else can I learn?  How to build on it?  Tonight, dancin’ with the dinos and checking out the science, I’ll try to turn off my tendency to over-analyze and trust my intuition.   And with any luck at all, I’ll leave with the best-looking woman in the place 🙂