Notes from underground: heading into the home stretch


It’s another party, this time at the Gingerbread House — which is open for business again, apparently having gotten its permits in order.  San Francisco’s “War on Fun” has even gotten coverage in Reason magazine; as Lois Beckett asks in SF Weekly, is it enforcement or harrassment? Hopefully it’ll all be copacetic tonight …

The Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference is less than two months away … soooo much to do.  The potential is there for it to be amazing and transformative: a great program, the right location, and perfect timing.  It’s ridiculously stressful; oh well, I knew this going in.  We’re in the home stretch now.

At the same time, Qworky’s moving forward — and on the diversity-in-technology front, it seems like maybe there’s a change in the air.  Looking at what we’ve accomplished so far, I think it’s a clear proof point of the value of prioritizing diversity.  We’ve identified underserved audiences like virtual assistants and fast-track professional women; made major steps towards building something that doesn’t fall into the same cookie-cutter (white-male-optimized) styles as everybody else; and gotten a huge amount of help from our remarkably-diverse community and advisors.  Yay us!

Right now I’m so overloaded with short-term stuff that it’s hard to turn off my brain.  With luck, the vibe and the music and the crowd tonight will be the antidote I need.

In case I haven’t mentioned it recently: I heart psytrance.