Notes from underground: Psylebrating good times

Psylebration Part 3

I eased back into things slowly after our vacation, visiting LA to see my brother and his family and then San Diego to meet a Facebook friend and hang out with D, who was launching PrivacyActivism’s graphic novel Networked: Carabella on the Run at ComiCon.  How cool is that?  By the end of July, it was back to full speed ahead.  We’re making great progress on Tales from the Net, I’m really excited about the innovation work I’m doing volunteering with NWEN, and I’ve been meeting some incredibly interesting people online and off.

Sounds like a good time to psylebrate!  It’s a birthday bash for Dr. Spook, so should be lots of fun.

And with the summer wrapping up and the year almost exactly 2/3 over, it’s a fine opportunity to see how I’m doing on my New Years’ Resolutions.

So tonight, and the rest of the weekend, I’ll be choosing desire over fear, trusting my intuition, trying not to analyze things too much, falling through the limitations of intelligence into pure and simple creativity, and bringing inner ecstasy back into my consciousness.

– A blue moon and an embarrassement of riches, December 31 2009

My specific resolutions included improving work/life balance; bringing more art, beauty, fun and seduction into my life; and spending more time and energy with the people I care about … and not to pat myself on the head too much or anything, I think I’ve made good progress on all of the above.

Work/life balance has gotten consistently better as I shifted to advisors’ mode with Qworky and then survived CFP.  Thus far at least I’ve managed to avoid over-committing, and made an effort to keep my priorities straight: Tales from the Net, a few hours a week volunteering, and not adding other new projects.   Of course that means that there are some exciting things I don’t have enough time for … oh well; such is life.   My Mom told me to practice saying no, and D and my therapist both said “you should listen to your Mom about this”.  Who am I to argue?

Moving down the list: great new artwork from J Kovach in Seattle and Madeleine Bodisco Alexander in the SF Bay Area, beautiful jewelry by John Flynn of Hawi, a cool exhibit at LACMA with my brother and nephew, a chunk of work on my novel-in-progress, zip-lining, wine-tasting, snorkeling, great paella … y’know, I think I’m doing okay with art, beauty, and fun.   And speaking of goddesses, on the seduction front, all I can say is “wow”.

As for spending more time with the people I like, well, yeah, I’ve been doing this both online and off with friends old and new.  If you’re reading this, you know who you are :-)    I enjoy every moment we spend together (although wish it were more), I’m crazy about you, and am looking forward to more!

So yeah.  Time to psylebrate. I heart psytrance.


Jon Pincus bought some hot pink earplugs and is ready for the weekend!!!!!