g0ddesses.net: org chart and cap table

My novel g0ddesses.net is set in the Silicon Valley startup scene and there is a some corporate drama behind it, so I want to make sure that the organization and ownership stakes make sense.  Here’s what I’m currently thinking … feedback welcome!

Aphrodite, Helen, and Arachne originally had the idea of a social network focused on women.  They talked to strategy advisor Athena who got them together with the law firm of Hellrazr and Nemesis and set up an unusual corporate structure: a company g0ddesses.com with complex voting rules, and a non-profit open-source project g0ddesses.net.  Daedalus (a semi-famous long-time UNIX software engineer), Ariadne and a group of her friends who called themselves the Menaeds joined the open-source project.  They asked Ariadne’s boyfriend Dionysus (a well-known web startup guy and DJ) to be CEO initially. Athena’s investment club Golden Apple put a little money up for initial funding and Hellrazr and Nemesis took their payment in stock.

Dionysus, Daedalus, and Arachne attended the HotBoxWorx technology incubator and met up with Apollo and Jason who launched several successful HotBoxWorks companies in the past.   At HotBoxWorks’ recommendation, and over Athena’s objections, they joined as CEO  and VP of engineering initially, with Dionysus now VP marketing and Aphrodite doing community.  Athena had stylistic clashes with Dionysus and Apollo, and then a big blowup with Arachne, so drifted somewhat out of the scene.  Helen and Arachne clashed with Jason too so started working only on the open source stuff. Dionysus reacted badly to the stress and started having substance abuse problems.

Despite these challenges, things went pretty well, and they got a lot of coverage from Telamonian Ajax, a well-known tech blogger.  With the help of Ariadne and Helen’s prototype, and a spectacular event where Apollo’s buddies Hades and Poseidon joined from other Olympian companies as “Chief Research Engineering and Product Officer” and “Chief Revenue Officer and OK Guy” respectively, they got got $2M funding at $6M post-money valuation from HotBoxWorx’ friends Olympian Ventures and a couple of high-profile angel investors.   Dionysus started having worse and worse problems and got put under Poseidon … Aphrodite dropped to working part time and they staffed up: HotboxWorks/OV part-time partner Odysseus came in to run sales and brought his crew, Jason’s brought his team ‘the Argonauts’ into engineering, Poseidon’s buddy Achilles joined in marketing and convinced Hades to bring in his favorite Patroclus into engineering over Jason.

Org structure

This is intended to be dysfunctional in several ways, most obviously too deep a hierarchy and many high-level people for an org this size …

Apollo: CEO
  Hades: Chief Research, Engineering, and Product Officer (CREPO)
  Poseidon: Chief Revenue Officer and OK Guy (CROOKGUY)
  Juno: Office Manager/ Accountant (contractor)
  Eros: personal assistant
Engineering: Hades, CREPO:
    Patroclus, Director of engineering
      Athena: Product manager
      Jason, Engineering lead
          5 Ruby developers aka "The Argonauts"
          Daedalus, Architect
             Arachne (unpaid), Menaeds, g0ddessgrrls: open source development
Open Source g0ddesses.net: Arachne
  Daedalus, Architect (dotted-line)
  Ariadne: dev lead (weaving code), algorithms (Ariadne's thread)
  Xochiquetzal: programming (weaving again)
  Helen: design.
  Kali: test. she likes to break things
  Hestia and Pele: sysadmin and community (to keep it warm but not volcanic)
  Seshat and Saraswati: tech pubs and wording for the experience

  Persephone, Amaterasu, Inanna, Brigid, 'Anat: learning dev, support, test, pubs, community
Sales/Marketing/Ops: Poseidon, Chief Revenue Officer and OKGuy (CROOKGUY)
  Achilles: Director of Marketing
    Aphrodite (part-time): community relations and social media
  Odysseus: VP Sales
    5 hard drinking white guys aka "Odysseus' crew": Salesguys
    Artemis: Sales support (dotted line to Achilles, Odysseus' crew, and the Argonauts)

Cap chart

Remember, this is after $2M funding at $6M post-money valuation.

There are three classes of stock.  Some decisions need simple majority vote across all classes, others need a majority vote of two of the three classes.  It should be set up so that Apollo has voting control working with any of Olympian, IncubatorsRUs, or his buddies; similarly, Olympian and IncubatorsRUs are in control in most situations.

investors: 33.33%

founders: 45%

pool: 21.67%

Investors (33.33%)

12%: Olympian Ventures

7.33%: Apollo

6%: HotBoxWorks

2%: cameos by well-known angel investors/VC – Illuminate Ventures, Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, Mike Maples, Ron Conway, Seattle-area investors

1% each: Hades, Poseidon, Dionysus, Golden Apple, Hellrazr and Nemesis, g0ddesses.net

Founders (45%)

14% Apollo

9% each Hades, Poseidon, Dionysus

1% each Athena, Helen, Ariadne, Aphrodite

Pool (21.67%)

3% each for Ajax, Odysseus,  Achilles

2.5% for Patroclus

2% for Jason

1% for Daedalus, each of 5 Argonauts, Aphrodite

.5% for Juno

.133% each for Artemis and Eros