Dinner with D (part 0 of g0ddesses.net)

“Hellrazr and Nemesis is working with a startup for an interim interim CEO.  Are you interested? If so, I’m going to be in Seattle Saturday night.  Are you free for dinner?”

Interim interim CEO didn’t seem like a particularly empowered job so my first reaction was that I probably wasn’t interested … but hey, never say never: I was trying to keep an open mind as I was getting my consulting business off the ground.  On top of that it had been a few months since we had talked and when I heard her voice I realized that I was really looking forward to seeing her.  So even though I did have dinner plans on Saturday night, after D’s out of the blue Friday afternoon phone call I decided to reprioritize.

She was already there when I got to Rover’s, checking email on her phone as she waited.  She looked lovely as always, in a black velvet dress that highlighted her red-and-purple hair, and had already ordered champagne for both of us.  She seemed happy to see me as well, and as I sat down she proposed a toast:

“To the future!”

“Indeed — because that’s where we’ll be spending the rest of our lives.”

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