Blog for Choice Day: Yes, I’m concerned — and also encouraged

Today’s Blog for Choice Day. This year’s question is

Given the anti-choice gains in the states and Congress, are you concerned about choice in 2011?

To which my answer is a resounding “yes”.  The combination of well-financed political assaults on women’s right to choose, assassinations years of packing courts with conservatives, and lack of support from key Democrats have all severely restricted women’s right to choose.  In fact, “concerned” isn’t strong enough: alarmed, scared, and angry.

But as NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin said in their post, I’m not defeated.  In fact, I’m with Shark-Fu, who has a great post on Angry Black Bitch: Be Encouraged

Here’s a few of her reasons:

When young feminists emerge online and in the field to advocate for their rights and demand respect from within the movement and from their government….

When women of color gather together to defend our rights and declare, once again, that this nation Trust Black Women….

When health care reform, though flawed, finally presents the possibility of access to millions of Americans….

Yeah really.  There’s more too.  Read her post. And here’s a couple more reasons for encouragement.

As I’m constantly pointing out (most recently in the draft of #mooreandme and #p2), women and allies are taking the lead using social networks for activism.  True, that still hasn’t translated into political gains yet, but it fundamentally change the dynamics.

And during #sheparty this weekend, Gloria Feldt was talking about work she and others are doing getting more women into the political arena.  Again, it’s something that doesn’t have overnight impact, but it’s a game-changer long term.

Which is not to minimize the gravity of the situation right now. Women’s lives and freedom are at stake every day.  So I’ll continue to do my part: refuse to vote for any politician who’s not pro-choice, support NARAL and other pro-choice organizations, and take part in activities like Blog for Choice Day.   If you’re reading this blog, I hope you’ll do the same.

And while you’re doing it …

Be encouraged.


PS: As always, there’s a lot of great stuff being written.  NARAL’s got a summary, and the full list of participating blogs is here.  Please check them out!