What do you think of this “one-line pitch” for qweries?

qweries helps everybody

find answers
get in the conversation,
and contribute to your community

by prioritizing diversity and design

As I described on the NWEN blog in The agile one-pager (part 5), a good one-line pitch covers what a company does, who they do it for, and a bit about how. Here’s what I’ve currently got for qweries, a Q&A (questions-and-answers) startup that will compete with sites like Quora and Yahoo! Answers.



Suppose I were to add a third word: “by prioritizing design, _______, and diversity.”   Some of the possibilities that leap to mind include “privacy”, “community”, “emotion”, “accessibility”, “fun” … Thoughts on any of those, or other ideas?


PS: updated several times, most recently May 25.  Thanks to everybody who’s given feedback, and especially to Mikhaila for

PPS: For more about qwe ries, here’s the current short overview (most recently updated November 2011).  If you can’t get to it via Slideshare links, here’s a PDF version.