Notes from Underground: April Fool’s Day

April Fools RaveIt’s been a hectic few weeks.   It started with cleaning out our SF apartment, creating more space in the apartment — and attacking the storeroom from Hades in the garage.   We had put some stuff in there in 1991 when we moved into the apartment and then more in 1999 and then our Burning Man stuff in 2006 … and it turns out there were a dozen boxes or so from a former three-doors-down neighbor who had moved away years ago and asked to leave them there temporarily.  Several trips to various recycling centers and the Community Thrift Store later, it was virtually empty so we could start to refill it with our other Burning Man stuff to create space in the apartment, and it went from there … with plenty of carrying stuff up and down stairs.

In the middle of it I testified at City Hall in a meeting sparked by the Save the Rave; am working BORDC, EFF, Demand Progress, and so many othersto get the word out at #privchat on Twitter and Facbook for PATRIOT Act activism.  Yay for grassroots social network activism!

And also: helped D submit her novel (!) to a publisher.  Strategized with my brother Greg on his Kickstarter campaign “Spread the Word!”.  Drove a friend to work for her first day on her new job and hung out with her in SF for the first time.   Went barrel tasting — and discovered a bunch of wine from the 1990s we had left in our neighbor’s cellar, most of which is remarkably drinkable.  Went to a fashion show and a fabulous dinner party.  Had dinner and drinks with friends and enjoyed Brubars.  Bought tickets to take the train across the country (I’m minimizing flying because of the f—ing TSA).  Started work on a bilingual (although not yet beautiful) qweries prototype,  Danced till four a.m. two nights in a row.

Life is good.

And no wonder I’m tired.

How am I doing?

Tonight’s party is at Kelly’s Mission Rock, and the highlight will be a tag-team set with Dr. Spook, Sausee, and Michael Liu.  A quarter of the way into the year, it’s a good time to check in on my new year’s resolutions … pretty good on the whole although I need to concentrate a lot more on the first one: “get more sleep, work out, meditate regularly, and do the other things i know i should be doing to reduce stress.”   Ooops.  Other than that though great progress on most fronts, and by this point my 2010 resolutions ( choose desire over fear … trust my intuition … try not to analyze things too much … fall through the limitations of intelligence into pure and simple creativity … bring inner ecstasy back into my consciousness …) are becoming habits.  That’s good.

With the tech bubble booming and all the hype around Quora it’s tempting to move qweries ahead as quickly as possible.  But on the other hand if I did it wouldn’t be sustainable with everything else going in our lives — and we’re reluctant to give any of it up.  So instead it’ll be a more leisurely pace, and that’s fine too.  It’s been chaotic around the house so I haven’t gotten anything done.  Oh well.  It’s been beautiful these last few days in San Francisco, sunny and in the 70s … life is good.

So with luck, tonight I’ll have that “I’ve earned it” feel.  Of course I’ll be thinking about Save the Rave and qweries but hopefully I’ll also turn my mind off, relax, and enjoy.