Notes from Underground: Digging Out

from the DJ's booth

To ensure your future, some freedoms must be surrendered …
We will save you
We will save you
We will save you
From your selves

Robot Revolution (Say no to SOPA remix), Virtual Light vs. Wizack Twizack vs. ?,

San Francisco over the holidays was a lot of fun but by early January we were really glad to be back in Washington.  We got there Thursday afternoon and spent the next few nights at The Atrium: psytrance Thursday, stompy darkwave on Friday, and then more psytrance on Saturday at Brightness.  The next week it was a darkwave set Wednesday, psytrance Thursday … happy 2012!

Saturday, it was all night psytrance at Gibbous/Deadly Snow. The drinks were strong, the snacks were tasty, the place looked fantastic, and DJ Anomaly was on a roll. Monday night was stompy darkwave at Dead Snow … hey wait a second, I’m noticing a pattern here.


After six inches of snow followed by freezing rain, the Seattle area took a couple of snow days.  sure is coldThe Atrium was almost empty Thursday night, and still pretty quiet Friday for Icy.  And despite a huge victory for grassroots social network activism (yay Tumblr!  yay Reddit!  yay RedState and DailyKos, together again for the first time! and yay for everybody else who got involved on SOPA and PIPA)  my mood wasn’t great either.   During the week, I had decided to put  Qweries on hold for the time being.   Sigh.

A friend of mine made the great suggestion that I write down my frame of mind, and when I read it over I was surprised how negative it was: frustration, disappointment, and beating myself up for decisions I wish I had made differently.   Intellectually, I know that it doesn’t always go smoothly: startups are hard.  But emotionally, it’s clearly taken a toll on me.

Fortunately, DJ Anomaly was once again headlining on Saturday night — psytrance at Digging Out.  w00t!  After a few days cooped up, people were ready to dance.   And as always, the lights, music, and vibe lifted my spirits.  A couple of hours into the evening, I was in a complete different frame of mind: looking forward to what’s next, and ready to enjoy the process of digging out.

I heart psytrance.

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