Notes from underground: Love and Devotion — and social network activism on Valentine’s Day

rastialiens flyer

Last week’s Psylebration, rescheduled after permitting problems, debuted the cool new Sera Phi Healing Center.  Tonight, it’s Rastaliens — psychedelic trance from Switzerland!

Quite a week on the social network activism front, too. Jen Nedeau’s Can social media saves the day? talks about the #digg experiment.  Jen’s tweet of the Courage Campaign “Fidelity: Don’t divorce me” video* remains our biggest success so far .. let love rule, indeed!

Traci Viselli (aka Myrna the Minx) and I officially proposed The #p2 Hashtag and Strategies for Progressives on Twitter on The Exception, including the recommendation Use Twitter to engage with communities currently marginalized by the “progressive blogosphere” . Take that; dudez!

And the Progressives 2.0 wiki is up!  The main page beings

Welcome to #p2 (“Progressives 2.0”), a resource for progressives on social media who prioritize diversity and empowerment.

Darn tootin’.   One of the first pages is a reading list on Diversity online, and diversity’s emphasized on the Mission Statement and About page too.  Oh, and the Wetpaint theme I chose for the look-and-feel is called “Girly”.  I sometimes talk about how my computer science as a social science research agenda “foregrounds diversity” … here, it’s not just foregrounded, it’s downright in-your-face.

Meanwhile, the Get FISA Right heart Sen. Feingold campaign took a big step forward when Jean and Harry went to a listening meeting in Fond du Lac (Wiconsin) and asked about the Senator’s strategy on FISA.  Not only do we now know the scoop, he said that if we have some model legislation, he’d take a look at it.  And conveniently enough, Jim and Adam are both working on blog posts on “What does it mean to ‘Get FISA Right'”.  How cool is that?

Yeah, I know, it’s not what most people think of for Valentine’s Day. Then again, unlike me, most people’s valentines aren’t social network activists and privacy advocates.  Their loss.

So happy Valentine’s Day, to everybody who’s been working on #p2 and Get FISA Right, all my friends on social network sites and in the “real world” … and most of all to my Valentine, Deborah.


PS: and yes, of course I got her flowers too — hot pink and deep purple carnations, earlier in the week.  It’s not all about social networks 🙂

* “Are you trying to tell me something?” Deborah asked when I sent the link to her.  Well, yeah: this social network activism stuff really works!