“The official channel of the British Monarchy”

Queen Elizabeth’s annual Christmas broadcast, along with about 20 other clips, are up on YouTube as the inital offerings of The Royal Channel.  George V started the tradition with a radio broadcast in 1932, and the queen took it to television in her 1957 broadcast, hoping that the new medium would give a more personal and direct connection.   Fifty years later, she’s making the jump to social networks.

The New York Times reports that the 1957 video’s the most popular so far, with 400,000 downloads; the current rating’s 4 1/2 stars.  Prince Charles visiting a school trails with 3,000 downloads (3 1/2 stars).   Sam Wollaston in the Guardian has some good advice for the royals:

You need to make it more fun, for the internet generation. Less stuffy guff from Palace press office, more jokes. Get Philip on there, going off about something that irritates him. And Harry killing something. And the dogs. That’s what the Royal Channel needs. Corgis. Making love.