Ask the President: update heading into the home stretch

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Ask the President (aka #askpres) has gotten brief mentions in the Politico, a second link from WashPo, and Jake Tapper tweeted about it.  Momentum is building!  And there are other projects going on to get citizen input into White House press conferences:

  • Jake Tapper is soliciting questions on Twitter and will read them all. He’s aware of #askpres.
  • Faiz Shakir is soliciting questions on his (registration-required) blog at Center for American Progress. He did not appear to be aware of #askpres.  I tweeted to Alan Davidson, and per Ari’s request Harry Waisbren is trying to use his contacts at CAP to connect people.

Four of the questions on the list on the #p2’s wiki* are in the top 12 on the Ask the President site, including the one I submitted on behalf of Get FISA Right (what are your plans and timeframe to get FISA right) at #8.

My best estimate as of 6:00 p.m.:

There’s about a 90% chance that at least one citizen-suggested question will be asked in tonight’s conference.  Let’s hope the reporters in the room choose some good ones!

Either Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd or the Ask the President site will have the broadest participation of any of the online efforts this iteration

The #p2 list on will include some important topics not touched either on the Ask the President site or elsewhere

So please keep tweeting — and keep voting.  We’re keeping our Tweeting points page updated with sample tweets.

Stay tuned!  You can follow #askpres via Tweetleft, Twitter search, and via p2pt0 on Twitter.


* if you’re curious about where the questions came from, there’s more information here for now.

Note: I updates the statistics and formatting about about 7:15 p.m. but didn’t change the estimates