Tweet the silence! #dayofsilence Twitter chat today at 3:30 PM Eastern/12:30 Pacific

Tweet the silence!

The National Day of Silence brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools. Each year the event has grown, now with hundreds of thousands of students coming together to encourage schools and classmates to address the problem of anti-LGBT behavior.

11-year-old Carl Walker-Hoover took his own life last week after constant bullying, including daily taunts of being gay.  yet another reminder of how important this issue is to kids and anybody who cares about them.  This year, the National Day of Silence is Friday, April 17.  Tweet the silence is a way for everybody to support the students standing up against anti-LGBT bullying … and to help create more awareness of the issue.

Things you can do on Friday:

  • tweet about it, including the #dayofsilence hashtag.  Share some experiences, say why you think it matters, follow the #dayofsilence discussions on Twitter and retweet, or just express support.  If you’re a student, parent, or teacher, share what’s happening at your school.  and so on.  Here’s what I tweeted to start with:

    Tweet the silence! Stand against anti-LGBT bullying! #lgbt #dayofsilence

  • recommend @dayofsilence for #followfriday.  (More about #followfriday here.)  Here’s what I tweeted

    #followfriday @dayofsilence because anti-LGBT bullying hurts everybody. #dayofsilence

  • join in the Twitter chat at — 3:30 PM Eastern/12:30 Pacific

And if you’re on Facebook, consider changing your status message and your image for the day.

None of this takes a lot of time — and collectively, the impact can be great. Jen Nedeau’s description what Twitter was able to do for the “End the R-Word” campaign talks about the surge in support they got including tweets from John Mayer, the mascot of the Chicago Tribune, and FOX5 news broadcaster Laura Evans, who featured the campaign on an 11 PM broadcast.

So please join in and make a difference.

Tweet the silence!