Facebook: censoring political speech

Facebook status: Jon is routing around censorship

Update on February 22: How to respond when Facebook censors your political speech is up on Tales from the Net and Wired’s How-to Wiki and links back to comments in this thread. Alas, the Facebook Barack Obama discussion board was deleted on February 20, so many of the links here go off to oblivion.

If you are doing political activism on Facebook and you’re getting warned as a spammer — or if your account has been disabled for engaging in political speech — please leave a comment here or on the Wired Wiki page. Thanks!

February 19: another account was deactivated with less than one hour notice. I’m getting flagged by Facebook’s automated filters for posting info about how to find polling locations. (Okay, I posted it twice, an hour apart. Still.) It’s not pretty. More soon.

February 17: the Obama discussion boards have been under such a heavy troll attack that they’ve been unlinked from the main Obama page.

February 13-15: troll wars in the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton discussion groups reveal more problems with Facebook’s automated filters when dealing with ‘malicious reporting’ — and accounts being deactivated and reinstated.

February 5: I’ve finally diagnosed what I was doing that was getting me flagged as a spammer on Facebook: including links in messages I was posting on discussion boards. Bad, bad, me. A great example of why people see Facebook as Orwellian, panoptic, and generally creepy. See the thread here for the full saga.

Originally posted on February 4 as “… or can we?”

I got up this morning psyched to follow up on the “Yes We Can” do grassroots campaigning for Obama on Facebook idea. I quickly sent PMs saying “thanks” to the people who had replied in the threads, most of whom I didn’t know. I replied in one of the thread to bump it, wrote on the wall of a group that seemed a little slow, and then went to send another reply and …

Got this

Your are spamming.  Your account could be disabled.

Bummer drag. It’s the same thing that happened to Canadian labor activist Derek Blackadder; he didn’t stop, and his account got suspended. So looks like I’ll be cooling it on Facebook for a while. Hopefully others will keep things going!