November 2009

An open letter to President Obama on the Patriot Act (DRAFT)

Draft! Work in progress!  Feedback welcome!

The open letter will be published Monday evening, and this will be one of many posts announcing it.

Final version intended for Pam’s House Blend

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Andy Sack’s 10 lessons learned (from NWEN’s Entrepreneur University)

I’ve been live-tweeting @asackofseattle’s “lessons learned” presentation from Northwest Entrepeneur Network’s Entrepeneur University.   Here they are in one easy-to-read list:

#10: it takes 5 years to create anything of value
#9: focus on your 1st market longer than you think
#8: beware of shiny object distraction
#7 avoid the rush to nowhere
#6 competition doesn’t kill (early-stage) companies; usually, it’s internal conflict — teams going in multiple directions #nwen
#5 the customer has the answer.  check out “outcome-driven innovation
#4 Two #’s: Customer acquisition cost and lifetime value.  focus on ’em; track ’em
#3: GFA (Get F’in Aggressive) “over the last 15months, i don’t know what happened, but his eyes had changed”
#2: KISS
#1: the way you’re framing it from a capital and time perspective is too limited




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