Third time’s a charm: “The Ad Astra holiday special 3.0”

adastralogoSo it’s a golden opportunity for that classic TV holiday special. You know, the one where production costs are virtually zero because it’s mostly reused clips and stuff shot on one big party set, and various people show up and say hi and we get to hear about what they’re doing now — and their favorite moments from the last year. “A chance to say hi to old friends — and maybe make some new ones????”

“A very special Ad Astra holiday” , December 2007

For those of you who have gotten to know me over the last few years, Ad Astra (Analysis and Development of Awesome STRAtegies) was a grassroots strategy/culture change project I led at Microsoft.  Our charter to pursue game-changing ideas, positive focus, and attention to diversity — along with a cool logo and hot pink posters and beanbag chairs — attracted some amazing people.  So every year around this time I say hi.

For those who knew me then …

Hiiiiii!  (waves)

What’s up?


PS: I hope everybody has a great holiday season, a wonderful end to 2009, and an even better start to 2010!  Where’s the eggnog?