Weekend Projects: my Seattle Startup Weekend pitch

startup weekendSeattle Startup Weekend starts tomorrow, and right now I really wish I had a good checklist for what I should be doing to prepare and what I should bring.  Power supplies, internet connectivity in case wireless goes down, post-it notes, my GitHub and WuFoo passwords, juice … what am I forgetting?

Oh yeah, that’s right, my pitch!

Startup Weekend starts with participants doing 60-second pitches.  After all the pitches, people vote with their feet and decide which projects they want to work on.   spontaneously.  Here’s the draft, clocking in at around 50 seconds.

Wow, so many great pitches.  As your teams start to come together, what are the first things you’ll do?   How will you take things forward if you don’t attract any developers?

Imagine an app that’s the perfect assistant for your Startup Weekend project.  It’s got answers and resources for common questions like these — and ways to get help if you get stuck.  Who’s interested in beta-testing?

Cool.  You’re our initial target market!

Now picture a family of apps for at all kinds of Weekend Projects, anything from putting in cabinets to making a movie.  Revenue comes from app sales — and advertising from companies providing products and services related to the project.

To make it happen, we’ll need a designer, HTML and Javascript devs, biz dev, marketing, and folks with research and writing skills.  I’m Jon Pincus, and my day job’s founder and CTO at qweries.  Please join us for a fun and exciting weekend project!

If you’ve got any feedback on the idea or pitch,  please leave them in the comments, or tweet them to me.   And

I’ll spend some time polishing my pitch today, and then perhaps try it out in the networking at Speak Out and Geek Out tonight — a good time to start building up a posse!  Tomorrow, as well as double-checking my post-it notes and making sure I’m well-stocked with fruit.  It should be a great weekend.  Stay tuned for more!

And if you’re going to be at Seattle Startup Weekend, and are interested in working together, please let me know!


PS: Thanks to Deborah, Tristan, and Kalimah for feedback on earlier versions of the pitch.  And speaking of Kalimah, check out his excellent How to Fail: Validated Lessons from Startup Weekend SFEDU on Hackademia.